Just thought I would give you something to think about.

I work I at a bakery, it’s amazing to think that for the couple of second when you are serving someone you become a part of their life, just for those few seconds. It’s weird to think that there are so many people just living out there lives and we are all connected somehow. Even if you never actually meet them. Everyone has met someone who has met someone else, it’s crazy.

We are like little ants scurrying about our lives; we never stop to think about the people who are standing right next to us. What are they thinking at that moment in time? Are they thinking about dinner, their lover, a football game, a movie they watched or are they wondering what we are thinking??

What struggles are they going through are they worse than our own?? Are they having a good day a bad day??
Watching how people react and respond to each other is weird, how they talk and interact. What they do when people they think others are watching and not watching.

If you haven’t already concluded I am an observer I love to just sit and stare and see the world around me and take it all in. and also people are weird!!

Love the Mothership xx