To the Everyday Mother

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Though mothers may feel bombarded with advice on every possible aspect of mothering, the real source of a mother’s unparalleled influence is the power of her love. Expressed in countless daily, small acts, her love…

My Reason

Love the Mothership xx

Essentialist and Wannabesaint


“O Lord, when my soul is starving, and I crave life in the deepest part of me, you are my food. When I am stumbling around in the dark and cannot find my way, you are my light. When I have nothing but poverty of spirit and life, realize I am nothing, you become my treasure.

You humble me and lift me up. I am powerless, you are powerful. I am afflicted, you are mercy. I am trapped, you are my liberator. I am troubled, you are my peace. I am dead, you are life.

I am thankful, you are my reason.”

a reflection based on Psalm 107v9-15




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